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1. 英文电影影评100字


Avatar is directed by James Cameron.The two main characters are Jake Sully,played by Sam Worthington,and Neytiri,played by Zoe Saldana.

Clones named Avatars are sent to Pandora Planet to persuade people there to leave the planet so that human beings can exploit a rare mineral.Jake is sent there to control his Avatar.

However,he comes across Neytiri and they fall in love with each other.Jake begins to see that nature and the planet should be protected.At last he and the people there work together to defeat human beings and send them back to the earth.

3D technology and the beautiful natural scenery are the two highlights of the film.The message of the film is simple—human beings should protect nature and live in harmony with it.






2. 英语作文:为你喜欢的电影写一篇影评._为你喜欢的电影写一篇影评.要求包括以下

My favourite movie
When I watched the film 《spider-man》,it give me a deep impressed. The main host peter who is handsome and brave. He helped so many people who is need others help.

If we were him,whether we can sacrificed our love and friendship and even our study . In our life,people afraid of helping others and get into trouble.

Although we can not use special abilities like peter ,we can also try our best to help people. For example ,if we see some thieves to stolen people's wallet,we can shout to make the thieves hurries

If we can contribute our love-heart,our society will become more and more warmth. People can make getting along well with each other。






3. 电影英文观后感200字

《silence of the lamb》
Before watching the film, I was so familiar with “the silence of the lamb”. I often see this title in some magazines. In the poster there is a woman’s head and a butterfly which is sticking on the woman’s mouth. I think this woman must be a main character of the story, and so it is. She looks beautiful and intelligent, making a good impression on me. It is said that the woman had best-actress award because of this film. And then I had the chance to enjoy this film with several classmates.

As for a young woman, Clarice has outstanding bravery and great capability. Faced to such a abnormal man, she was not afraid. She could investigate some incident alone. At last, she went to visit “Buffalo Bill” on her own. Thanks to her sober mind and quick reaction, she could kill the Buffalo Bill and save the woman ultimately. Certainly, she was highly commended for her good job.
In a word, this film is worth seeing.

4. 求200字电影观后感,英语的,大学水平

喜剧动物片 101真狗

my personal favorite "101D" medium is Disney's "101 Dalmatians: the Series". It combines many themes of the existing material (Dodie Smith book, 1961 and 1996 movies). But still does its own things, too.

Our main pups include brave Lucky, who gets a strong personality mirroring his character in the book, lovable Rolly, the gourmand of the pups, and sweet little Cadpig, who is the true runt of the litter. Also there is Spot the chicken, who longs to be a dog. I find them all extremely amiable and enjoyable to watch. They are usually foiling Cruella's schemes for their land, or outwitting Lt. Pug (I'll get to him later), or sneaking into Grutely, or...just having fun, making a very likable show.

动画喜剧 海底总动员

Somewhere, under the sea, weak-finned clown fish Nemo (Alexander Gould) lives with his fretful father, Marlin (Albert Brooks). Smothered by pop's paranoia, he ventures away from the reef, but his dad's dread is justified when a passing diver whisks him away.
Taken to a tank in a Sydney dentists, Nemo meets Gill (Willem Dafoe) and co - friendly fish who dream of escaping to the ocean. Meanwhile, Marlin bumps into a blue tang named Dory (Ellen DeGeneres), and sets out to save his son...
The splendour of natural history hit The Blue Planet is matched by the wit of the script and stars. Barry Humphries has a terrific cameo as a great white shark who's sworn off killing (Remember, fish are friends, not food!), while DeGeneres provides perfect timing and tone as Dory, whose short-term memory loss is a gag that never stops running
After the appreciation of the film “Titanic”, I have noticed some meaningful details behind the peoples’ general impression of simply an affectional film. The wreck of the Titanic occurred in 1912, in which the great recession started from the end of the 19th Century still hasn’t ended. Most critics pointed out that the sinking of the Titanic represents the collapse of the Capitalism in the end of the 19th Century. However, I would like to say that, in this movie, the director had not only foreran the crisis of the Capitalism, but also showed some of the human nature, from both gloomy and brilliant aspects, like selfish, mammonish, vainglorious, and love, hope, bravery, faith, and so on. In this essay, I will first reveal this film’s indication of the social context of that age, then I will analyse the two contrary aspects of human nature indicated in this film through some impressive shots.
Under the development of instrial technology, the economy in the Capitalism countries took off. People lived a rich, luxury and expensive life, and this rapid economic development lasted for almost 20 years. People had got used to this kind of life. The huge development in machinery changed people’s life greatly. Innovations of transportation, such as vehicles and tankers, allowed people to travel around. The appearance of these modern transportations was an important milestone of the instrialization. People thus became very confident on human intellectual capabilities. They believed their power of conquering the nature is inapproachable. While the Titanic is also called “The Ship of Dreamers”, in this film, when it bearing in with the ocean in the darkness, the mysterious ocean represents the unknown nature and the ship itself represents the advanced material capabilities people owned. In a shot that Mr Bruce explains his design of the Titanic, he said “the ship possesses huge size, stability, luxury, and strength”, and that” the supremacy will never be challenged”. In fact, all these words can be thought of the symbols of the Capitalism of that time in many people’s eyes. They thought the Capitalism is just like the Titanic, which should be “unsinkable”. The wonderful way of developing economy would stay in good condition eternally. However, things do not always follow the way people wish to be. The economic recession suddenly attacked the Capitalism countries at the end of the 19th Century. It was not until then that people did not realize the impracticality of their idealized “unsinkable” Capitalism. Capitalism will sink. And unfortunately it did sink. Just like the movie shows, when the ship broke into two parts and began to sink quicker and quicker, everybody knows the ship is going to sink, the priest kept reiterating to the disciples,” the former would has passed away.”
As to the human nature uncovered in this film, can be thought of from both negative and positive aspects. I will first elucidate some gloomy characteristics revealed by the film. The first impressive characteristic may be that the fiancé of Rose, Karl would gain his ends by fair means or foul. When he noticed that Rose has obliquity with Jack, he took out the necklace with a diamond of 56 carats named “the heart of the ocean”, to request Rose not to leave him. He knows that Rose doesn’t love him, but he chose to use money to keep Rose with him. When Titanic was sinking, both Jack and Karl were trying to trick Rose into getting on the accident boat. Since Karl had already bribed a sailor, he lied to Rose that he would ensure that Jack will also get on the boat. Nevertheless, when Karl himself was rejected to get on the accident boat, he again used an intrigue that he picked up an outcast child and pretended to be the father of the child, and managed to get on the accident boat. Another negative social mood of that time exposed by the film is vanity. Rose’s mother wanted to marry her daughter to Karl just because Karl is extremely rich, while she doesn’t care whether Rose loves him or not. When Jack wearing a suit borrowed from a woman to attend the dinner invited by Karl, he was respected by other guests. However, when he wore his own clothes maybe a little bit shabby, and tried to enter the ballroom to look for Rose, he was driven out by the two guards outside the ballroom. The two respondences depending on Jack’s appearance contrasted sharply, and really very shocking for us to imagine a society like that. Anyway, there are some brilliant aspects of human nature showed in this film. There is love, bravery, faith, and beliefs existing at the scene. The presence of love was impenetrated through the whole film. The love is not only expressed between Jack and Rose, but also exists among the families. When the water was poured into the ship, when men are forced to be obstructed from their wives and children, an old couple held each other tightly in the bed; a father comforted his daughter he will just leave her for a while, just a little while… When Titanic was sinking, some musicians were performing pieces of music, some disciples were praying to Virgin Mary around the priest on their knees…
In conclusion, the film of “Titanic” is not simply an affectional story between Jack and Rose. It shows more than love. The wreck of Titanic represents the collapse of the Capitalism, which is considered “unsinkable” by most people. The film also shows different aspects of human nature. Some people own strong vainglory, while some other possess much of love; still others are rich in firm faith and beliefs. We should always keep in mind that, no matter how enormous the calamity is, no matter how defective the people are, we should believe there are always more virtue than vice in the world…
Or the dream factory has always been the high standard, the screen exquisite detail, vivid characters vivid, touching story twists and turns, the most important thing is it in the most simple and easy to understand that the way of a token, that is - there is no shortcut to the world and Cheats, the only winning Famen is believe in themselves.

More do not want to repeat the story, because it really well. Look at the process, appeared frequently Huiyi people laugh, the whole atmosphere is relaxed and go. This film has done very authentic, a little bit by the Westerners did not interpret the feeling, no matter which story or convey the moods, whether the screen or the details are all the way east; only special is probably the Speaking of modern, such as, for example ok
Harry Potter is a series of seven fantasy novels written by British author J. K. Rowling. The books chronicle the adventures of the eponymous adolescent wizard Harry Potter, together with Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, his best friends. The central story arc concerns Harry's struggle against the evil wizard Lord Voldemort, who killed Harry's parents in his quest to conquer the wizarding world, after which he seeks to subjugate the Muggle (non-magical) world to his rule.

This film was absolutely amazing. I have spent hours re-watching various scenes and noticing all the perfection with which they are acted and directed. It's not the violence or action sequences that make this movie so great (although they are well done...), but rather moments like where Mathilda knocks on Leon's door. It would be so easy to just film the door opening, but instead we see light illuminating Natalie Portman's face, symbolizing something angelic. And the moment has so much more meaning.

I know a lot of people who have seen this film because they are action fans. I'm not. But I'm glad I finally found it, because it's a wonderful film in so many other ways.

I watched the film called High School Musical.After watching it, I felt
very happy and it touched me very much.It is an American film.It tells
American high school students'life.American students are very different from
our Chinese students.They are in high spirits when facing their lives and
their out-of-class games are quite colorful.
Main actress is a very beautiful girl called Gabriella.She was unconfident
to sing at first.But a boy told her that she sang very well.Then they sang
together happily.
I think as long as you try your best,whether you fail or not,you will
never regret.We must believe in ourselves forever
Forrest Gump

It is one of the greatest novels that I have ever read. The main role called Forrest Gump.Let me introce him shortly. Forrest Gump, who is unfortunately born with a rather low IQ, has already created a miracle, achieving a great deal of incredible success. He is a football star, a war hero, and later a millionaire. Stupid as he is, he gains his brilliant life indeed.
At the beginning of reading this novel, I thought an idiot’s life must be more difficult than others. His life must be full of mocks. My thoughts are proved in the book. Because he is an idiot, all the people look down upon him. Most of boys don’t want to share one seat with him on bus; many bad guys throw stones to hit him; he cannot be allowed to study into primary school at first; Jenny is the only girl that he loves all his life. But she thinks Forrest Gump doesn’t understand what’s love at first ……
After finish reading this novel, I learned a lot. Sometimes I think he is not a fool but a genius. His attitude to life is even clever than ordinary people.
Firstly, he is optimistic. He doesn’t do anything wrong but the society is unfair to Forrest. I felt very sad to him. However, Forrest is as optimistic as his mother .he always remembers his mother’s words: “ stupid is someone who did stupid things.” He does not do something stupid.
Secondly, he has strong willed. Because his IQ is lower than others, he has to concentrate on one thing. So he does well on everything he works. He loves jenny from the first sight at her to her death. At last, he gets married with her and has a son; he runs for 3 years just because he likes running; he loads a gun faster than other soldiers…
Thirdly, he is ideal husband. He is a man with a sense of responsibility. He loves Jenny very much. When others hurt her, he tries his best to protect her. He can earn a lot of money and he is a famous person in America.
So he is clever than others. Maybe a lot of people say he has good lucks. But I think character is bond to person’s fate. His attitude and his efforts to life make him has a happiness results at last.
In addition, I want to say something about destiny.
Sometimes we think god gives everyone different fates. Someone has good looking while someone is born in rich family; someone is good at sports while someone is good at arts. Take Forrest for an example. He is a fool but he has talent on sports, such as running or playing pingpong.so everyone has his or her own gifts. God gives him a great mother. She is clever. She can earn enough money to support her one parent family. She I is also optimistic. She never feels ashamed of her son. She is proud of her son. She never thinks Forrest is a fool. She wants her son can lead a life as an ordinary person. In order to let him study into school, she has sex with the headmaster. She is also intelligent. Every night she reads some books for Forrest and tells some simple truths to him. Such as “There's an awful lot you could tell about a person by their shoes. Where they're going. Where they've been.” “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get.”
Thus, do not complain that you do not have something. Just like yourself and make your advantages better and better.
Sometimes we think we have bad luck. But in fact it is a good thing for us. I remember one classic sentence: life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you will get from it. For example, because Forrest
always runs to avoid being hit by stones, his speed is faster than others. So he is chosen to baseball team and become to a famous player. He is so excellent that he has got chance to meet president. So whenever you are in trouble, do not think it is a bad luck. It is just a challenge. After overcoming it, you will gain more than you lost.

For me, I want to say, last one month I got very bad luck. I got break up with my boyfriend and I met traffic accident on my way to school. And my back was hurt. Because of being shot CT, a lot of acnes appear on my face. Furthermore, my study is influenced.

At first I felt very sad. I cannot know how to deal with it. I think I lost a lot of things. After reading the book, I changed my mind. The accidence makes me lost a lot of things. Meanwhile it also made me gain a lot of things. I gained a lot of love from my classmates, my teachers and my relatives. I become mature. And now I pay more attention about my health. If I can overcome this terrible thing, I will be great. And I can lead a splendid life in the foreseeable future.
After reading the novel, I watched the movie. As the beautiful music, there is a beautiful feather dancing with the breeze, finally lighting at the foot of Forrest Gump sitting on the bench. At the end of the film, the beautiful feather is going on floating in the sky. In my view, life is just like a feather, which can be changeable with the breeze in the sky. We cannot control the breeze. What we can do is to adjust to the environment. We should take advantage of our advantages. And try our best to make us dancing more beautiful in the blue sky. Our IQ is higher than Forrest Gump, so we have ability to live better than Forrest. Just seek for a better life through work hard.

Gua Sha is a movie about the differences between American and Chinese culture. Xu datong is a video games designer in St. Louis. When his father visits from China, he performs Gua Sha (a Chinese traditional treatment) on his grandson, which leaves bright red marks on the skin and causes a lawsuit of child abuse. In the court, Datong loses his mind so that finally he loses custody of his son. I think this scene is shocking and thought-provoking to most of the Chinese audiences. But the most impressing scene to me is the ending. Datong wants to see his son in Christmas eve, he has to climb a pipe to the ninth floor which his son lives. I think the pipe is not only a pipe, but also a gap, a deep gap between American and 5000-year Chinese culture. He wants to climb over the gap and he will never succeed, perhaps no Chinese people really could succeed.

It's about assimilation into American culture, and not assimilation in an ”International” city, like SF or NY or LA or Chicago, but St. Louis, MO (actually shot there). Really great acting, interesting story.

Gua Sha is a treatment in traditional oriental medicine in which a wooden board repeatedly slides across the patient's acupuncture acupressure massage points. It works in similar principles like that of acupuncture acupressure massage. This method would inevitably leave bruise on the skin, and the story

begins here, when the visiting grandpa who does not speak any English used this traditional practice to treat the grandson when both son and daughter-in-law were at work.

Sadly, in US, this is a story that repeats itself many times in the area where many oriental immigrants lives and all of these are e to simple misunderstanding between cultures.Gua Sha: Step-by-Step, by Arya Nielsen.If an acupuncturist is trained in Classical Chinese medicine, they will do this technique in their practice for pain, and for acute or chronic illness.
About colonel's story, about strives for the free story, about Civil War's story.
Previously had known this movie, as soon as shakes such a year, settled the heart to look slowly finally, hero's story always could let the person mind jump for joy.
However the Arab League letter also had the new idea today, Monie asked that I liked watching the war piece, at that time a little the feeling which stumped. How saying that the good movie I looked.
However today the biggest harvest is unexpectedly in the time which takes a bath obtains, the concrete theory is as follows: The Arab League letter thought that the world is composed of the man and the woman, therefore we story always unavoidably will also have the men and women to blend in which, but the war will always be flooding the rank smell of blood, the violence, the battle, that will be belongs to the man, love will be illusioned, speculated subjectively, will be perceptual, will therefore belong to the woman, then any movie may this both fuse, that only then the war movie, this kind of movie influence has been together huge, whole families idle suitable, the men and women will sweep the decks, it may be said that in classics classics.
< overlord other professional female entertainer >< rain ballad >< the attacking army has reached the city >< Sparta revolts >< British patient >< the immortal gardener >< empire to downcast >< the barber >< Rwanda to reach the hotel >< Giza not blue ka > ......Always in the turbulent years, love only then sparkles eye-catching.
As my soul heels the shame, i will grow through this pain, lord, i'm doin' all i can, to be a better man.

5. 电影观后感英文简单点

My Favorite Movie
.Among so many films I have watched,the one I like best is High School Musical.This film tells the stories about two high school juniors from rival cliques – Troy Bolton,captain of the basketball team,and Gabriella Montez,a beautiful and shy transfer student who is a hard working girl.Together,they try out for the lead parts in their high school musical.In this process,a series of stories happen,but in the end,the musical achieves great success and Troy and Gabriella fall in love with each other.It’s totally a happy ending.I like this movie because the high school life in that is so colorful and amazing,which I admire so much.Besides,everyone loves happy ending of love story.
.在我所看过的电影中,我最喜欢的是《歌舞青春》.这部电影讲述了两个高中生的故事——学校篮球队的队长Troy Bolton和性格害羞、长相甜美、成绩优异的新生Gabriella Montez.他们要一起主演学校的音乐剧.在这个过程中,发生了一系列的故事,而最终,音乐剧获得了成功,他们之间也碰撞出了爱的火花,完美落幕.我喜欢这部电影的原因是因为电影中展现的高中生活丰富多彩、奇妙无比,让我十分羡慕.再者,有谁不喜欢爱情故事的大圆满结局呢.

6. 英语作文200字20篇电影观后感

e warm winds blew gently. I was very tired and lay down to rest for a little while. Very soon I went into a state of dreaming.
A little girl sleeps in a corner of the garden. She cries and cries until her sound is broken. Suddenly a bright figure appears before the child. A beautiful fairy stands in front of her. She had a wand in her hand. “Why do you cry? What’s the trouble? Perhaps I can help you”, the fairy says. “My mother is dead. I am lonely, and nobody loves me”, answers the girl. “I am a fairy, my home is in the moon. Do you see the light of the moon? How pleasant it is. Would you like to live with me in the moon?”
“Thank you, dear fairy, I want to go with you”.
The fairy leads the girl into a wood where there are many dwarfs. They look very busy. Every one of them has to dig the soil. They are trying to find varieties of seeds. They cultivate the fields with their hands. All day long though they are exhausted, yet they are forced to work on. Otherwise they will be whipped to death. I made up my mind to save all of those dwarfs. The sound of the bell suddenly came to my ears. I had to wake up.
Oh! This is no other than a dream. I will not let it trouble my mind. (264 words)

考试作文2: Title: A Visit to My Uncle (Grandfather,… )
Time Limit: 30 minutes
Word Limit: No less than 120 words

7. 英文影评 200字


The legend of 1900During this spring festival ,I saw several English movies .But 《The legend of 1900》gave me a deep impression .

When 1900 was a baby, he was abandoned in the ship. Since then, he never left the ship. His talents on piano made him welcome.

After defeating the black jazz musician, he became more popular. But he was so afraid of getting off the ship that he gave up his love for a girl.

His friend Max wanted to persuade him to leave the ship because the ship would be exploded. It did not work. A tragedy could not be avoided.






8. 《泰坦尼克号》英语影评(200字左右)

Titanic is a ship that carries two things, love and disaster.

It's not deep at all, so it can be understood and touched by any audience across nationalities, ages, genders and cultures.

The love story of Jack and Rose is how a diaosi defeated a handsome man and achieved an unforgettable love.

Therefore, even though it is an old film, it is very close to the psychology and desire of the current audience.

Love without hierarchy and love that transcends secular prejudice are tear-incing in any age.









9. 需要英语电影影评。200字左右,谢谢

我爱喵呜 影评网站

10. 肖申克的救赎 影评,英文,200字

肖申克的救赎 影评:

Shawshank Redemption is one of the most exciting and morally satisfactory films in the 1990s. This is not just because it contains religious factors. God never cares for Shawshank, but because it is a story of looking for hope in the unshakable friendship between two people.

Crucially, as an age film based on a non horror short story by Stephen King, the film has never grown old. It is a moral fable about maintaining one's integrity and personal freedom, regardless of the environment. This is also true in real life, just as in this fictional fable.






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